Value for Dealers

Our credit models, which have been trained on millions of borrowers and vehicles, open up financing opportunities for subprime and nearprime cohorts that have traditionally been disqualified by credit agencies.

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Karus for Dealers

Product Overview

Higher Approvals & Advance Rates

Increase your top line by finding the right credit for your customers.

Real-time Decisioning

Thousands of term simulations are computed to find the optimal financing in less than a second.

Higher Back-end Allowances

More flexible financing offers your customers insurance and service products.

Enhanced Customer Experience Both Online and In-store

Real-time service and terms are designed to keep the customer in their car.

Fully Integrated LOS Management Capabilities

Use stablished connections and integrations with preferred platforms (DealerTrack, Route One, CreditSmarts, etc.).

Captive-In-A-Box Offering

Power your own financing products using Karus’ platform.

Access to Institutional Lenders

Unlock the ability for leading Private Equity/Credit Funds, Banks, Credit Unions, and Insurance Companies to fund your borrowers.

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