Karus and IDA Acceptance Partner to Bring AI-Powered Consumer Auto Credit Products to the Southeast

August 8, 2023

In an exciting step towards reshaping the auto lending landscape in the southeast with AI, financial technology company Karus and subprime auto lender IDA Acceptance have unveiled a strategic partnership.

A Partnership for Progress

"Partnering with Karus will empower IDA Acceptance to embrace cutting-edge AI technology and elevate our lending operations and capital allocation," says Larry Pearson, President of IDA Acceptance. "By adopting AI underwriting and decisioning models, loan structuring models, and dealer level pricing models, we will enhance our approval rates and overall portfolio performance, solidifying our position as a market leader in subprime auto lending."

The collaboration's benefits extend beyond AI-powered underwriting. IDA Acceptance will also gain access to Karus' end-to-end operating platform, The Karus Portal. Pearson highlights, "The Karus Portal will be instrumental in streamlining and managing our entire lending program efficiently. Its fundamental insights and analytics will drive strategic decisions and provide newfound transparency and data discovery to steer our lending efforts in the right direction."

A Bright Future Ahead

Aaron Travis, CEO of Karus, shares the excitement about the partnership. "We are thrilled to join forces with IDA Acceptance, a renowned name in the subprime auto lending industry. Our AI-powered tools combined with their expertise will revolutionize the auto lending experience for borrowers and industry professionals alike."

The integration of Karus' advanced AI technology and IDA Acceptance's subprime lending proficiency is expected to make a significant impact on the auto lending landscape. Borrowers can look forward to a smoother, more efficient application process, while dealers and financial institutions will enjoy enhanced decision-making capabilities and operational efficiency.

About Karus

Karus is a pioneering financial technology company that specializes in AI-powered consumer auto lending tools for lenders, dealers, and financial institutions. With an unwavering commitment to using technology to enhance lending processes and experiences, Karus continues to lead the way in innovation and efficiency.

About IDA Acceptance

IDA Acceptance is a prominent subprime auto lender and whole loan portfolio buyer. The company has earned a reputation for its customer-centric approach and accessible financing solutions. With a strong foothold in the southeast market, IDA Acceptance remains dedicated to making auto financing more attainable for customers from all walks of life.

Website: https://karus.ai/
Email: info@karus.ai

IDA Acceptance
Website: https://idallc.com/
Email: contact@idaacceptance.com