Revolutionizing the Gig Economy: Karus & ACC Consumer Finance Join Forces to Provide Affordable Auto Loans to Ride-Share Drivers

June 22, 2023

San Francisco, CA - The gig economy is booming, and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the opportunity to be their own bosses. To support the needs of this dynamic workforce, Karus and ACC Consumer Finance have united to provide unbeatable financing options for those who desire to own their own vehicles.

Through this strategic partnership, gig economy drivers, including Uber and Lyft operators, can finally achieve their entrepreneurial dreams with ease and affordability. The partnership offers tailored loan products that boast competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Now, drivers can pursue their independence without compromising their financial wellbeing.

According to Karus CEO, Aaron Travis, "Our collaboration with ACC is a game-changer. With technology advancements, we have the power to make financial services more accessible than ever before. Through this joint effort, we are proud to offer gig economy drivers the opportunity to finance automobiles regardless of their credit history."

The CEO of ACC Consumer Finance shares this enthusiasm, "We believe in empowering everyone to own reliable cars, and through this partnership, that dream can become a reality. We're excited to team up with Karus and revolutionize the gig economy."

Together, Karus and ACC Consumer Finance are providing gig economy drivers with the necessary tools for financial freedom. Whether it's purchasing or leasing a car, this partnership provides resources that make it financially feasible. To learn more about the lending options available, visit

About ACC Consumer Finance: ACC Consumer Finance is a leading provider of auto financing solutions. Their focus is on providing financing options that allow consumers to own their own vehicles without compromising their financial stability. With a vast range of lending options and a commitment to excellent customer service, ACC Consumer Finance is helping more and more people achieve their dream of vehicle ownership.

About Karus: Karus is an AI-powered end-to-end auto finance platform that streamlines the consumer auto loan process for dealers, originators, and lenders. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze borrower data, assess creditworthiness, and structure loan terms which reduces the time and effort required to approve loans and fund at the point-of-sale. Karus also provides lenders with real-time portfolio monitoring and risk management tools to mitigate credit risk and optimize portfolio performance. By automating the entire loan process from origination through to portfolio management, Karus makes consumer auto financing faster, more efficient, and more accessible for both borrowers and lenders.